The most fascinating course ever?!


My name is Danny Parlour and this is my first blog for Go Make It Happen, the charity which has supported me on the 2014/16 London Blue Badge Guide course. The help I’ve received from them has been invaluable and I feel very grateful.

I’m typing now six months into the course and what a six months it’s been!

When I started in September 2014, I was so excited, bright-eyed and eager to start. Now I can safely say I’m still excited, perhaps tired-eyed and eager to finish, and get my blue-oval-shaped-pendant… and start guiding!

Before I had even applied for the course, lots of Blue Badge Guides had told me just how broad the course is, and they weren’t kidding. It covers all areas of British life from our separation from what is now Europe (which occurred about 8,000 years ago) to what’s happening now and what’s due to happen in the future! :O

Two evenings a week (during term) we have a lecture, covering a different topic taught by an expert BBTG in that particular field, which can include anything from art to agriculture, medicine to music… and EVERYTHING in between. This is followed by a ‘practical’ each Saturday which usually involves us traveling to an out of town site, visiting a London site or doing coach/walk practice around the capital!

What I’ve especially enjoyed so far about the course is the people I’ve got to meet. All of the 35 other students come from such different backgrounds and most speak a language! I’m afraid to say I don’t, but If I get round to having the time to learn one then I think I’m in good company!

As the course continues what I’ve come to realise is just how much I love London. There’s really too many things to list, but I just think what’s on offer is just incredible and I feel very proud to be a course such as this one which allows me to explore it completely!

More to follow shortly, watch this space…