The missing flight and Heathrow terminal 2

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I am more than sure that recently everybody heard about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. It’s really bizarre that despite the fact that we live in XXI century, advance computers and latest technologies these kind of mysteries still happen. I think that entire investigation lasted too long and still a lot of questions have been left without clear answers, like for instance: where is the black box? It is an electronic recording device placed in an aircraft for the purpose of facilitating the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents. Flight recorders are required to be capable of surviving the conditions likely to be encountered in a severe aircraft accident. For this reason, they are typically specified to withstand an impact of 3400 g (g-force) and temperatures of over 1,000 °C (1,830 °F)!!! For me it’s really scary as it reminds me my favourite TV series – Lost. Passengers and a plane which vanished into thin air.


Lost the American television series that followed the lives of the survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious tropical island.

But there is also good news for UK aviation! The new Heathrow Terminal 2 will be open on 4 June 2014. Partner airlines will move closer together to improve flight connections and there will be more natural light and space than you are used to seeing in an airport. It will be an extraordinary new space in its own right – great for airlines and the staff who work there and great for every single passenger. I have already had a chance to see it form the inside as I participated in the Heathrow T2 volunteering team. That was a pleasure and fun to see it before others and meet greet people with similar interest 🙂


Testing Heathrow terminal 2

I am about to finish my first year of the course so I will spend quite a lot of time making sure to get great marks but it’s so much easier when you learn about things you really enjoy 🙂