The Beret’s first post…

Here goes… my first post on the Go Make It Happen website (in fact, my first post on anything… ever – which is a little shameful to admit when we are in an age of social media and so much technology… yes, I still write letters!).

As my profile will explain I’m linked to GMIH as I was lucky enough to be Sam’s cousin… something that has left me with a great deal of excellent memories; not least being asked to stand in front of a brick wall holding up a Prisoner Number. with my name underneath for front- and side- on photos to go in his family tree project at school… Sam didn’t do things in a boring way. I think I remember him telling me to ‘look criminal’ just before he pressed the shutter.

I have to make a confession – although GMIH is all about travel and tourism I am not a big traveller at all. I have chosen the profile picture I have as it is taken when abroad, in Spain (Benidorm… I cannot lie), one of only two times I have been out of the UK. My first trip abroad was to France (what wonderful food)…

…for this reason I have chosen the name Beret; but also because there is something friendly about a little beret – I do look more than a little daft wearing one, but my choice is made. I have yet to find my actual beret though… something I will hopefully be blogging about soon.

I think I’ll start looking this weekend… what colour? What material….? Decisions, decisions…


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Sam's cousin and trustee of GMIH since the beginning. Not a big traveller myself, but very keen to hear about other people's experiences. Passionate about supporting people with disabilities and difficulties with communication. I love reading a good book & drinking a good cup of tea!