London on Thames,Teasure on Avon

Coming back from Stratford-upon-Avon, I’m now sitting in front of my desk with a warm yellow reading lamp on, carefully organizing the scattered pieces of information from this long long day. I went out in the dark and come back in dark. London winter has come and my first reaction is “How to talk about Dickens in this suitable background?” My boyfriend has started to call me mad for it.

My small but cozy room is in a Victorian style terrace house with a row of huge cherry trees in front of it. The sublime bright yellow rain triggered from time to time by unmerciful wind is one of the most attracting London scenes in my mind. (by the way, in winter we have cold wind from the north and warm wet wind brought by Gulf stream from the southwest, the cold and warm meet fiercely in November, so this month is always the most unpredictable and blustery in the year.) I have told this to my boyfriend already. At first, I receive “wow! Amazing”  After having received too much, “Mad” is what I got.

Come back to my true subject, The thing I want to talk is that the real beauty of UK lies in its integrity of good things. You will see the most spectacular views in famous London sites, also lovely pictures from quiet, ordinary residential areas, just like the house where I’m living in now.

When you go to a small town with 25,000 people far away from the capital you still find the London standard theatre there, good restaurant, good pub. Rather than only having a boring museum, they have honoured their ancestor by establishing modern theatres attracting people over the world to come here and the small town is no longer small by this means. This is what amazes me after visiting there, by making a small town as exiciting as London, English people make money and make a great living and keep tradition generation after generation.