What a group!

One of the greatest things about Blue badge training is that you have another chance in your life to be in a great group. This feeling brought me back to my undergraduate and high school time that when we got all different kinds of tasks which need group working together. During Blue badge training, you don’t do group presentation, but it’s much more than that.

We have in our group 4 different nationalities, half male and half female, wide range of age from 20s to 60s. It seems to be a rather complicated combination to blend well together, however with our senior group leaders Sean and Barry leading the way, setting the good examples and contributing a large amount of knowledge and the rest of us following the right direction, every Saturday practice has turned out to be in great atmosphere! To be honest, the thought of trying not to lag behind the group has now become the ultimate driving force of my Blue badge learning now instead of passing the exam. This group has made me feel that the process of training is really enjoyable and full of good memory.

Last week we had our first formal group meal at Rob’s new home. Great food and interesting game about the famous people who have connection with East London. Non-stop BBG training!