Start of a journey… a message from Keith

‘Go Make It Happen’ has now been operating for nearly four years. In that time we have supported more than twenty young people (‘beneficiaries’ as the charity world calls them) to start on a journey towards a career in tourism. We are deliberately just a small charity making a small contribution to the lives of a handful of young people who want to work in one of the most exciting professions there is – but also one of the most under-valued.

Our beneficiaries have had a range of exciting experiences, including practical training to be London Blue Badge Tourist Guides, Field Guides on game reserves in Africa, Outdoor Adventure Trainee schemes, working on super yachts, doing courses in airline ticketing, MAs in sustainable tourism, and much more. The range of opportunities in the tourism industry is impressive.

I wanted to share the words of one of our recent beneficiaries, Shane Robinson, who we helped to complete a one-week work placement:

“I am a student in Northern Ireland and I chose to travel to Somerset for my work experience which was held in Butlins Minehead. My job was to work in the fairground and leisure department. I arrived on Sunday the 19th of October until the 23rd of October. During my time at Butlins I worked on various rides and fairground machines. I have now had the opportunity to come back and have a job in the season. I absolutely loved the experience and it has opened my eyes for the future and if it wasn’t for ‘Go Make It Happen’ to be honest it would never have happened. The part I liked the most was I was given the independency to travel by myself from Northern Ireland and further on to Somerset.  I used different methods of transport such as trains, buses and flights. I booked everything myself and I’ll say it again, if it wasn’t for ‘Go Make It Happen’ it really wouldn’t have happened.”

In the words of the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Here’s to the next four years!


Start of a journey

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About Keith

Hi I am Keith. Sam was my son and together with close friends and family we set up 'Go Make It Happen!' in Sam's memory and with his spirit running through it. The aim is to help young people to get involved in the tourism profession. I work partly in tourism (as a London Blue Badge Tourist Guide) and partly in English Language Teaching (writing materials, running training courses overseas, and inspecting language schools in the UK for the British Council).