This part of the site is where you can meet the people who make GMIH tick, from trustees to beneficiaries. This is your chance to meet the GMIH team.


    Daniel (Flat cap)


    Hello! My name is Danny, I live in London, work for Historic Royal Palaces, and am currently a London Blue Badge Guide trainee!

    I’ve worked in heritage for several years now, and it has never become stale or boring for me. There’s always been a new story to uncover, whether that be about a person, building or particular era.

    A couple of years ago I just realised how much I enjoyed showing friends and family around various sites in London, reading up on them first , organising the day and then putting together a little tour. It was only after asking a Blue Badge Guide in the Tower one day how you become one that got me thinking…

    In my spare time I like to keep fit, read books (mainly non-fiction) and visit friends and family.

    I’d love to become a full-time Blue Badge Guide eventually, although I’m not quite sure what I’d like to specialise in just yet, but I am quite passionate about British Royal history.

        Denisa (Beret)


        Denisa was our first beneficiary – back in 2012. She is originally from the Czech Republic. She completed the London Blue Badge Tourist Guide course in March 2014 and is now a qualified London guide in both the Czech and the English language.

          Dominic (Mortar board)


          Dominic is another trainee Blue Badge Tourist Guide.  Here is what he has to say…….

          I am a North West Londoner born and raised, although I did spend 4 years in Oxford whilst at university and now live just south of the river. Growing up as a child in London is exciting. I fondly remember visits to the Tower of London, the Royal Parks, my first trip to Greenwich on the DLR – I think in part, it definitely contributed to my desire of becoming a tour guide.

          I am a naturally inquisitive person, always wanting to keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening around the world and exploring. I highly value inspiring others; learning; kindness; expressing my passions and enjoying life. I absolutely believe in the principle of the message ‘Go make it happen!’ Opportunity lurks around every corner and with hard work, determination and a little help along the way anyone can realise an ambition.

              Emma (Knitted beanie)


              My passion for outdoor activities has developed over many years; during my progression through the Girl Guiding Association and participation in extracurricular school/ college activities, such as completion of the Dartmoor Ten Tors and the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards. I am a determined, self motivated, fun individual who can work as part of a team or individually. I aim to achieve my full potential as an Outdoor Instructor, so that I can help others to enjoy the fun and challenging experiences that the outdoors has to offer, like I was able to.

                Karolina (Pilot hat)


                Karolina is a beneficiary of GMIH. She is originally from Poland (Warsaw), now studying Airport and Airline Management at the University of West London. Karolina is passionate about the Aviation indusrty and exploring the world

                  Marina (Cowboy hat)


                  Marina Pechiborshch was the youngest successful trainee to qualify on the 2014 London Blue Badge Tourist Guide course, and as a result became the first recipient of the Sam Harding Prize, awarded by ‘Go Make It Happen’ in conjunction with the Institute of Tourist Guiding.

                      Nathalie (Bobble hat)


                      GMIH is supported Nathalie to do a diploma course in humanitarian assistance in the summer of 2014. Nathalie explains what she’s doing:

                      “My background is within tourism and I am currently in my final year of my undergraduate degree in Tourism Management at Bournemouth University. During my placement year in 2012, I was diagnosed with cancer and had to take 1.5 years out to undergo treatment. My cancer was not diagnosed in time and is therefore incurable now. But despite this I was determined to return to university to finish my studies and it was during this past year that my interest in disaster management and humanitarian aid has developed further. My aspiration is to work within this field and make a difference to people in very vulnerable situations that are highly in need of external help. This is an area somewhat overlooked within the tourism industry but as the majority of all tourist destinations are in sensitive areas it is likewise a very important aspect.”

                      I also want to use experiences of my own hardships to inspire others to fulfil their aspirations, enjoy the present and realise that nothing is impossible no matter how dark it seems.  Being able to do this course is a great achievement for me and something, when I was diagnosed with secondary cancer, never thought I would have the opportunity to do.

                        Nathan (Secret agent hat)



                            Rob (Sombrero)


                            Rob is a beneficiary of Go Make It Happen. He has chosen a
                            Sombrero hat as his ambition is to guide in English and Spanish.

                              Sarah (Safari hat)


                              Sarah Gluszek is building an exciting career in tourism as a Ranger Field Guide. Go Make It Happen supported Sarah on her FGASA Level 1 Qualification at the Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa.

                                Xiao (OrientalSong)


                                Xiao is from China and is a beneficiary of Go Make It Happen. She is passionate about guiding and showing the Chinese people the sights and sounds of London.


                                  Julie (Woolly hat)


                                  Julie is Keith’s wife and a trustee of GMIH. She believes that travelling broadens the minds of young people and gives them a greater understanding and tolerance of society

                                      Mary (Beret)


                                      Mary is Sam’s cousin and a trustee of GMIH. She is passionate about supporting people with disabilities and difficulties with communication

                                        Rob (Bowler hat)


                                        Rob is Sam’s uncle and is a trustee of GMIH. He spent 31 years in retail banking and keeps the GMIH books and administration in order.

                                            Stewart (Tam-o-shanter)


                                            Stewart is originally from Glasgow and is a trustee of GMIH. He has been a friend of Sam’s dad, Keith since they were in their early 20′s at University. Stewart teaches History at a College in Scarborough, North Yorkshire


                                                Keith (Captain)

                                                Founder / Chairman

                                                Keith is Sam’s father and founder of Go Make It Happen. GMIH was set up in Sam’s memory and with his spirit running through it. The aim is to help young people to get involved in the tourism profession.

                                                  Matt (Straw Fedora)

                                                  Website Administrator

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