New Year’s Resolutions

So here are my New Year’s resolutions for being a good student for this next term of blue badging :-

1) Learn lots about paintings. Art is one area of the blue badge syllabus that I probably know least about. In a couple of weeks I have to give a 5 minute demo on 2 of our National Gallery pieces- one of them is by Leonardo Da Vinci which is good because I’ve heard of him. I’m actually really enjoying reading up about the paintings, knowing my bible has helped a bit too in giving context for some of the biblical scenes.

2) Get more familiar with the back streets of London. I like to think I know London quite well and have continued to enjoy the coach demos where you can have the mic sprung on you at any point. However the other day, on our second coach demo, I got passed the mic as we turned onto Brook Street in Mayfair which I’ve never even walked down in my life before! I started garbling some nonsense about the first thing I could see which was a Hackney black cab and almost missed the fact we were passing Claridges and then the former home of Hendrix and Handel. I then padded some more with spurious black cab trivia before having to pass over the mic just as we entered a street I did know.

3) Revise well for the end of term Background Knowledge test. We had a midpoint test just before Christmas which could have been a lot worse but certainly shone a light on where I need work. The historical period essay reminded me of being back at school and whilst I thought I had done quite well in salvaging some facts about the Norman Conquest from the far reaches of my early education memory, the mark for that particular question strongly suggested ‘could do better’.

4) Pray hard that my wife gives birth about a week late. The due date is the day before the background knowledge test! Very excited about becoming a Dad though.

Full steam ahead!