My journey begins.

Hey all.

It’s been 3 months since I found out I’d been accepted onto the 2016 blue badge guiding course and thanks to ‘Go make it happen’  I was able to accept without financial worry on my shoulders. I had heard about this wonderful organisation through friends and the blue badge course itself and was told how enthusiastic the founders were in pushing under 30’s to reach their goals and full potential. The help comes in the way of financial and verbal support, which I have been hugely greatful for.

After recieving a few emails from the head of the organisation Keith Harding, I knew how open and friendly GMIH were going to be. Keith told me how keen they are in helping young entrepreneurs in the tourism sector and awarded me a grant with a sincere proposition to want to help.

This grant has enabled me to make purchases such as books, electronical equipment and course fees that without would of been a struggle. The blue badge course will help me achieve my tour guiding goals and take me to where I want to be and I owe GMIH a huge thanks for believing in my potential and allowing me to aim high.

I will be blogging my adventure and explaining in detail how GMIH have been helping me along the way.

Very excited.

Emily D