Meet Lauren… our last beneficiary for 2014

Lauren in EthiopiaWho am I?

I am currently a third year student on an interdisciplinary arts degree in London, writing my dissertation on film and disability studies. I am also a Freelance Curatorial Assistant in my spare time, but since going to Ethiopia in summer 2014, I feel strongly that I would like to shift my career goals to work in Global Development and ‘Voluntourism’, encouraging young people to spend time volunteering overseas, not only to have a fantastic impact on their overseas communities, but also to broaden their personal horizons.


What will I be doing?

I will be staying and volunteering in Gonder, northern Ethiopia for the Anglo-Ethiopian charity, Link Ethiopia, for one year.

During my time in Gonder, I hope to involve myself in the local community by teaching full-time in local schools. I will be facilitating an open and optional, free summer school program at Fasiledes Preparatory School during the summer term, teaching advanced English Language skills. Whilst Fasiledes School already have a summer school program for it’s over 2000 students, these classes are not free for its students, so only those whose family can afford it are able to attend. For this reason I felt that my class was hugely valuable to the local young community, as it was open and free for all students enrolled at Fasiledes Preparatory School, thus giving those who could not afford to official summer school program something to do over summer by attending my advanced English classes.

After summer is over and normal term time resumes, I will integrate myself into normal term time, as a part time English Language teacher as part of the usual Grade 10-12 curriculum. During this stage, teaching advanced grammar skills are very important, as many students are preparing to take the National Exam, which will determine their entrance into university.

Not only should this be a fulfilling experience for the students, but it will also be an incredible experience for myself to involve myself in the local community and to directly impact my students’ lives through teaching.

I will also be undertaking a research project for Link Ethiopia, during the rest of my time in Gonder into one of their projects, possibly into the state of Girl’s Education or Disability Education in the Amhara Region.


My hat

If I were a hat, I’d be a Rastafarian hat, because the Rastafari movement believe that Ethiopia is the Promised Land!


Lauren Elliott

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About Keith

Hi I am Keith. Sam was my son and together with close friends and family we set up 'Go Make It Happen!' in Sam's memory and with his spirit running through it. The aim is to help young people to get involved in the tourism profession. I work partly in tourism (as a London Blue Badge Tourist Guide) and partly in English Language Teaching (writing materials, running training courses overseas, and inspecting language schools in the UK for the British Council).