Learning to be a Guide……

Last week was the first time we were doing presentation all day long on Saturday. National Gallery paintings on the morning and city walk presentation in the afternoon.

In fact not only presentations. A lot of other things we should also bear in mind. I forgot about the right route to lead people from Postman’s park to Goldsmith Hall and eventually took a rather strange and uncomfortable way there. I forgot to repeat question for everybody from time to time. My hand is not nice and strong when pointing out things……

These little things seems rather trivial at first. When you are not receiving professional training as a guide, you may not realise it throughout your whole life. However, when you get into the habit of doing everything advised, you create a fabulous travel experience by making people very comfortable. They don’t realise it, and that’s it! That’s what is called a good tour. From the very beginning of a day, people receive warm smile, pre-informed plan of the day, comfort stop in between, wheelchair access if needed, safety advice which is above all important. Sometimes it is these things making a tour smooth and successful rather than the content you deliver.

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About Xiao

Hi, My name is Xiao and I’m from China. I have always been passionate about telling Chinese people all the great things in London. I am now training as a blue badge guide and everything about UK starts to show me its different meaning and depth which is absolutely fantastic and thrilling! Thanks to Go Make It Happen, or I would not be getting started in my career as a tour guide so smoothly.