Incredible Lion Kill

I just wanted to share my most memorable experience on this training course with you all! It occurred on one of my game drives when we came across an amazing lion kill by two sub adult lions. I say this was amazing because lions are known not to be the most ‘ethical’ killers. This kill in particular was an incredibly rare sight for being both quick and clean and we were lucky enough to have captured it on the video below:

and the view from our vehicle:

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About Sarah

Ever since I can remember I have been travelling and I even started flying on my own at the age of 5! Travelling has been an important part for me and my family, as we live in different parts of the world, and it has been a great way to connect with people. I was taught from an early age to absorb myself in the cultures of each place that I visit and I’m excited to learn about the environment and people of South Africa! I’m hoping this qualification will help give me the opportunity to work as a Field Guide and pass on my knowledge to curious visitors.Thank you GMIH! My interests include; travelling, volunteering, acrobatics, extreme sports, dancing, reading, the outdoors and learning about new cultures.

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