Honeymoon Period

This first month of being a Blue Badge tour guide student has been great- I never thought I’d have so much fun studying! We’re only 4 weeks into the course but so far I’ve been enjoying every minute of it- whether’s it’s midweek lectures discussing the incredible diversity of the capital (and that WHARF stands for WareHouse At River Front- awesome!) or Saturdays spent walking the higledy pigledy streets of places like Salisbury and discovering that Stonehenge isn’t just a big pile of stones- although it kind of is.

It’s all been hugely varied and this last Saturday was particularly invigorating as I had to deliver my first attempt behind the microphone in a 5 minute overview of Heaver Castle. Having never visited Heaver (I was back of the queue when the practice talk subjects were handed out) I had to base the talk pretty much entirely on online research (=Wikipedia) so I’m sure the content could have been better. However most importantly I really enjoyed doing it, had a bit of a laugh and even though the microphone was stuck together with blue tack and cutting out now and then, folk were very kind and encouraging about what I had to say.

It’s still early days on the course but it feels like we’ve made a good start and the other students have been great fun to spend time with. To top it all I’m now also the proud owner of a 16-25 student rail pass! Happy days.

The group at Stonehenge

The group at Stonehenge

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Hi, I'm Rob. I have a love for travelling, tropical fish and trendy East London. I work as a Development Manager for a church in Bethnal Green, which is also where I live, and I am training to be a blue badge tour guide in my evenings and weekends. I'm hoping one day soon to be able to tour our incredible capital city as a qualified blue badge guide in English and Spanish with a particular focus on modern architecture, large engineering projects and sports stadia.