Hi :)

Hi everybody !

I’m so glad and excited to introduce myself to the Go Make It Happen team. Before that, I would like to say a big thank you for all your help and support which I’ve received.

My name is Karolina and I am a first year student of Airline and Airport Management at the University of West London. It wouldn’t be anything particular to be a student but for me it is, due to the fact that in spite of my young age (20), I decided to buy a one-way ticket to London and leave everything safe and familiar for me behind me. That was the price of starting a course which I find very interesting and which (I hope) one day will help me find a rewarding job in the aviation industry.

My first flight took place when I was 14, when me and all members of my family visited my godmother in Newcastle who is the only one close relative living abroad. I remember the feeling when the aircraft was taking off and as well as the international atmosphere on the airport, which made a huge impression on me.

In that post I would like to explain why I find the aviation industry so attractive.

To describe it in brief, I would use three words: freedom, connectivity, opportunities. Being suspended somewhere in the air with the ability to see the rest of the world from above, gives me an indescribable  feeling of freedom. The world from the airplane seems to be completely different than on the ground, everything is so much smaller, from this perspective cities  look like anthills (I always remind myself of this comparison when I see a real one). Air travel is considered by many as the most convenient kind of transportation in terms of safety, travel time and access to remote places. Great connectivity gives the feeling that you are not only a citizen of your home country, but also an inhabitant of the whole world. It produces an awareness and care about world issues such us global warming, pollution, endangered species, wars, human rights. In addition aviation is linked with a wide range of opportunities. Air travel enables you to explore unknown places as well meet new people and experience different cultures. For many people, flight means the first step into great changes, which opens a completely new chapter in life. This topic is quite often used in movies, where the main character hesitates till the last moment to get on the airplane or not, or when somebody stops a beloved person and tries to convince them to stay. What I like in airports is that they are one of the few places, where people tend to show genuine emotions.

I will  try to regularly add new posts as much as it is possible to keep you informed about my study, life and experiences.

Welcome on board !