Golden Autumn, Sun kissed Windsor

Looking from the north terrace in Windsor castle at 5 o’clock yesterday, with a ray of sunlight glowing on the colourful autumn trees below and grand castle behind me, I was wondering how can I introduce and describe Windsor to my future clients without spoiling the flawless picture.

I have been on Blue Badge training course for almost two months and I find it the most useful and interesting course I have ever had. I have been a student continuously for almost 20 years and you can count on my experience!

Before I started this course, I did not think a guiding job that difficult. Our blue badge tutors showed us various customer needs we should bear in mind, little tiny corners where stories happened, logical threads linking events together meaningfully……so much to learn from the course making me feel that a blue badge standard guiding work can be really challenging for you are looking at a tour full of information, smoothly arranged and fun!

Our Windsor tour yesterday gave a very good example of it. Wendy and Babara gave us numerous stories and strategies to “deal with” your future clients until my brain was clogged up and started to play slow motion like an overheated laptop. They are being wonderful tutors trying to give us as much as possible. SO huge thanks to them all!

I still have not figured out how to do my Windsor guiding without too much damaging, but I thinks we will eventually be there with efforts put in it everyday!