First Fund-raiser of 2014!



Shuffling off the excesses of the Christmas season and embracing those New Year resolutions about getting out more and feeding the intellect rather than the stomach, a group of 24 friends were taken on a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament on Saturday 4th January led by yours truly. We had people from exotic far-flung places such as Colombia, China, Switzerland, Japan, Texas, Finchley and Burnley. All ages as well. And they seemed to enjoy it, even the 14-year-old Chelsea fan said “it was OK” (articulate praise indeed).

Thanks go to Matt Morgan and Monica Carney, who are responsible for organising tours at the Palace of Westminster, for making it all possible and for waiving the usual entrance fee so that all the money donated (£250) goes straight to the ‘Go Make It Happen’ charity fund.

Anyone got any suggestions for the next charity fund-raiser?



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Hi I am Keith. Sam was my son and together with close friends and family we set up 'Go Make It Happen!' in Sam's memory and with his spirit running through it. The aim is to help young people to get involved in the tourism profession. I work partly in tourism (as a London Blue Badge Tourist Guide) and partly in English Language Teaching (writing materials, running training courses overseas, and inspecting language schools in the UK for the British Council).