Communication seminars

Possibly every Blue Badge Guide would remember their communication seminar for quite a long time. For me, this is the very first time for this type of training, Challenging, interesting, extremely useful, extremely scary and cruel!

The thing is that you will be filmed and later play back in front of everyone for picking up your unconscious behaviours such as the strangely moving fingers, ugly expression on your face, funny shaking legs, swinging body as if  you were on a ship, waving arms which are totally out of control……

You don’t realize that so many parts of your body have contributed in your speech before watching this! So it is terribly useful in future guiding and many other occasions in life! It may get you outstanding impression when you are going to meet with you mother in law for the first time!

I did really bad in my final speech about the painting of Queen Elizabeth I.  When I suddenly forgot the sentence I was going to say, I started to talk a lot of nonsense and ruined the remaining structure of the talk. My voice turned smaller and smaller because I didn’t know what I was going to say next.  The scary thing is that they help you to remember this painful process by replaying that!

The feedback from our tutors are really practical and helpful. I found the most important thing is that our fellow classmates are getting closer through this seminar. We support each other, encourage each other and give honest comments on each other. I like this feeling as if we all went back to the high school!