Class is over, Holiday begins!

Although still having an anxious feeling that the background knowledge test result may be a bit dangerous for me, receiving email telling us that the result will be delayed until next month, how cruel! Anyway, the holiday for Badgers finally come after handing in the tour project.

Having taken advice from tutors, newly graduated badgers that this is not a holiday to forget about the blue badge, I constantly have all my blue badge related material and books on the lowest shelf of my bookcase. Read them whenever I’ve got some boring time to pass. However I think I am having a brand new feeling about them. I still remember the summer time last year after our induction day. I was really eager to go through as many books as I can but ended up reading none of them more than one chapter. Everything was so remote to me that I got tired in less than half an hour.  Now things are rather different! Having a general idea about the historical clue and geographical map of this country and also Europe in mind makes it easier for me to start those monster books I bought last year when I was in a thrilled mode of becoming Ms Know it all!

Well, I want to recommend some books really good for foreign badgers who are not brought up in English-speaking world. One called “What on earth happened” telling all the major civilization and offering great comparison and interesting fact. The other one is a series of books called 50** ideas you really need to know, it covers architecture, literature, paintings, etc. Easy to follow and again has great link between eastern and western world.