BBG exam finished!


Like running a marathon for the recent one month, we have crossed the finishing line this afternoon at 4:30 in British Museum. With one lady in our group bursting into tears and the most of us laughing from our inner heart with slightly wet eyes.

The rest of the team who has finished their final ones at St Paul and British Museum this morning has been waiting for us to join in the pub since one o’clock, and when we arrived there, we were greeted with their huge round of plause and other people’s curious eyes. It was really one of the most emotional moments of my life with lots of hugs, encouragements, warm words and genuine love for each other.

When I look back for the recent one month, we had 6 exams in a row including the most challenging coach exam and London paper. My best friend in the course, a lovely lady from Brazil said that she was going to quit one or two because she thought she was never going to achieve it. Well, I said that at least give a try and she tried with the most effort she could give. And most of the practical sites exams turned out to be the best performance she had ever given! I’m trying to say that future badgers, we have received very sophisticated training and that is going to get us through all the exams. Yes, the exams they are scary but when that moment come, when you standing in front of the Rossetta stone, or Parthenon marbles, however nervous you are, how little sleep you had last night, you are going to be able to say something for five minutes. The solid foundation has already been laid from one or two years ago. The examiners are absolutely lovely people, they are trying to pass us all as they always said at the beginning of the exam. They showed their interest, they nod and laugh when you say the joke they probably have heard about hundreds of times so I would say that they are definitely well qualified blue badge examiners!

When I arrived home today, my fiancée prepared my favorite crab noodle for me at home, so the blue badge course has been a burden for him as well! When I’m focusing my mind at the final stage, he is doing most of the household work and this situation is certainly shared by other badgers. So a big big thanks!

Also when I look back, I would probably had huge difficulty without the help of “ Go and make it happen”. Captain Keith has offered great help not only financially but also a great motive to make me want to try my best to go and make it happen!

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About Xiao

Hi, My name is Xiao and I’m from China. I have always been passionate about telling Chinese people all the great things in London. I am now training as a blue badge guide and everything about UK starts to show me its different meaning and depth which is absolutely fantastic and thrilling! Thanks to Go Make It Happen, or I would not be getting started in my career as a tour guide so smoothly.