A trip to Bath

Last week was the most wonderful trip outside London so far. A nice and brief stop at a small village called Lacock on the road and final destination in Bath with beautiful sunshine and flowers booming everywhere in the city.

On the coach, I had my coach talk about Jane Austen. I chose this topic without hesitation on the first day of the course. Mr Darcy was the first English man I came to know rather than Issac Newton with his law of Gravity. Pride and Prejudice was the first foreign novel I read when I was only ten years old. For the first time, I knew something fascinating about a country far from the small village in China, far across the continent, 13 hours of flight.

It was a magic feeling when I arrived in a city where Jane Austen lived more than 100 years ago to see the building which she lived in, walk around it to imagine the view she had when she was writing the novels in her room. The amazing thing is that the city has not changed in its appearance since the honey coloured building was established in Georgian Times.

Not only the Georgian buildings are charming, but also the Roman bath standing near the Abbey, still preserving the roman structure of the bath, and a wonderful display of Roman period city of Bath. Not far away from it, is the modern Thermo Bath making use of the famous Bath spring to offer a real treat for people coming to Bath to enjoy a real bath.

At the end of the day, for the first time, I almost forgot about I’m coming to Bath to study.

Now I can say Bath is my favourite city in UK!